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"Although most people whooped whenever they recognized a familiar number from THE WALL, it was Wright's original songs like Broken Fuckin' Heart that drew the loudest cheers." - NOW, Toronto

Welcome to the home page for Luther Wright. This is the way into the world of Luther Wright & the Wrongs and Luther's solo and collaborative ventures.
He's your singing, songwriting, band leading, scheming, country punk, folk, smartassgrass troubadour based out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Dave Gregg rocked!
April 1st, 2014
It is such devastating news to hear that our long time friend, mentor and rock hero Dave Gregg passed away suddenly on Sunday. He was such an amazing dude. His storied rock history with d.o.a. and the Real Mckenzies is legendary. We caroused around Nyc many a night after shows where Dave and Cathy would have shown up (Dave in his kilt and lamb wool vest) with a posse of dynamic friends. Their enthusiasm and joie de vie would always push us to another level of performance. Afterwards he knew the places to go in the city at 2 am where we could get excellent food or hit a little club as the scene there reached its apex of the night. At one point we were playing lots of shows at Ceebees Night Gallery on the Bowery and they used to take us up to the old Chelsea Arms after our shows where the bartender treated me like a king (based on Daves over the top introduction!). He would have me celebrity bartend while he chatted with Dave and Cathy at a table, our cd blaring through the bar. We were together just two months ago at my 50th birthday party and his devilish grin and the glint in his eye will always stay with me. I fucking love you Dave. Your friendship is something so many of us will miss tremendously. Our thoughts and love go out to dear Cathy and the family. Here is a loving bit: R.I.P. DAVE GREGG
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March 21st, 2014
Big, fun show this weekend with Ron Hawkins of Lowest of the Low fame here in Wakefield at the Kaffe 1870. Spring and summer are shaping up nicely for mucho fun.
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The Night is dark and full of terrors, and this winter is long...
March 8th, 2014
Oh my lord has it been a cold one. I spent 3 days on Wolfe Island with Chris Brown working on the new album and it was right out of a russian faery tale. Everything short of the wolves chasing the sleigh home from the dance. It is coming together nicely on the music side though and as spring and summer approach we have got a bunch of fun gigs lined up. However, it is hard not to be distracted by world events, as in the crisis in the Ukraine and locally with the Line 9 reversal plan that will move diluted bitumen through the most populated areas of Canada. Read this Vice Magazine article to bring you up to speed: Line 9 approval
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