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"Wright's wordplay stands up with the best of the genre and the pickin' and pluckin' of the Wrongs is always right." - Pittsburgh City Paper

Welcome to the home page for Luther Wright. This is the way into the world of Luther Wright & the Wrongs and Luther's solo and collaborative ventures.
He's your singing, songwriting, band leading, scheming, country punk, folk, smartassgrass troubadour based out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

June Bug!
June 12th, 2015
Well well well it is June already and time for an update. In a few weeks I will be join Carolyn Mark and band for a few shows including the Legendary Black Sheep Inn here in Wakefield and the wonderful Island Grill where Sean Kelly will join us on bass. Mr Rusty Ford is playing the tour with Carolyn as well and we wind up at Franc and Sylvias barn for a ripper of a show on June 28th. My next big thing that is coming up is as MC of the Saturday portion of the Skeleton Park Festival and it is the 10th anniversary of this amazing, homegrown event which we have played many times over the years. It has already started and runs to the 21st with the park concert on Saturday June 20th from 10-9.
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Muchas Gracias!
May 11th, 2015
Well our indiegogo campaign worked out great and we raised a pile of money to help pay for the making of and reproduction of my new album. Thanks to all who contributed and helped spread the word. We are closing in on finishing all the recording and mixing. The summer is closing in and we have already had some pretty nice days here in west Quebec/Kingston area. I am playing the first of a few patio shows coming up at the Wolfe Island Grill where our drummer bandmate Casey Fisher has done a wonderful job renovating the restaurant and modifying the beautiful patio. I am really looking forward to hosting the Skeleton Park Music festival in the park in Kingston on June 20th. It is an all day thing that is part of a larger all week event. The park day is a great family event with much to do and best of all it is right downtown in Kingston.
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New Album Crowdsourcing Campaign is almost done
April 20th, 2015
Greetings! my crowdsourcing campaign is closing in on the last 3 days if I can entice you to contribute and/or spread the word to others. I am super excited about what we have achieved so far and the album is sounding great but I hope we can bump it up still so I have the resources to get this album out into the world the way it deserves to be. Chris Brown has done a great job producing and I think you will love it. we put up some songs on the page as well for you to check out: My Indiegogo Campaign
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