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"Luther Wright & the Wrongs show that they're not ones to mince words. Investing classic country stomping-grounds, from the weepers to the two steppers, with satire, originality and frankness is what they're all about." - Shepherd Express, Milwaukee

Welcome to the home page for Luther Wright. This is the way into the world of Luther Wright & the Wrongs and Luther's solo and collaborative ventures.
He's your singing, songwriting, band leading, scheming, country punk, folk, smartassgrass troubadour based out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Autumn Greetings 2014
September 20th, 2014
Walt Whitman sure lived up to his name as a wit, i.e., "We were together. I forget the rest.. From time to time while driving along in the van on tour when one of us is telling a story of past adventures this accurately describes my memory of said event. It is a wonderful thing to have friends and share stories. I appreciated that luxury yesterday while attending an event to celebrate 30 years of the organization "Cornerstone" in Ottawa. Cornerstone is the largest social service organization serving women in the community, providing emergency shelter and supportive housing for a diversity of women. There was games, music, dinner and an open stage where I joined in a rousing version of Coming Round the Mountain, re-written to reflect the work Cornerstone does. The positivity and comradery was inspiring and insightful and something I hope everyone takes the chance to experience. I have visited a few shelters over the years, sometimes to perform and sometimes to deliver money raised at benefits I am involved in from time to time. It is sobering to meet the clients and talk and reflect on their stories. Hearing the stories of struggles, challenges, the twists and turns that brought them to where they are now are generally inspiring and moving. I thought of a phrase I read somewhere, "better by far that you should forget and smile then that you should remember and be sad.". For many people some memories are perhaps best let go and forgotten so that positive thoughts can fill that dark void. Of course I am not saying it as a rule because remembering trauma and dealing with perpetrators is an important process to change the world into a safer place. But a head full of sad thoughts diminishes our ability to move forward and flourish. As the tour date section of this site indicates I am not playing a whole lot this fall in an effort to finish up the album H.Chris Brown and I have well underway over on Wolfe Island. I am actually playing the odd local show in Kingston and up in Wakefield, most notably a big tribute show at Kaffe 1870. 22 Wakefield area songwriters are covering each others songs over two nights. It is something I have always wanted to do in Kingston but Wakefield, due to its size, made it easier to pull together. That and the local spirit and enthusiasm that all of the musicians readily offer up when creative ideas are proposed. I am hoping it will be a template we can use again and again. The goal is also to raise money to build a permanent, outdoor stage at the local community centre where likely all of the musicians will play one day. Well, I trust autumn is shaping up to be a productive and happy time for you dear readers. Lu xo
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August 5th, 2014
We sure had a blast at the Nashwaak Festival down in New Brunswick last weekend. They treated us well and we enjoyed everyone we saw play. Gearing up for Wolfe Island this weekend which features the original Wrongs line up including Sean Kelly, Cam Giroux, Dan Curtis and yours truly. Then to tie up a month of good times I am heading to P.E.I. to play the Cloggeroo Festival in Georgetown. Rusty Ford and Miss Mellie are joining me and we will be playing a Butterfingers show a Stomping Tom tribute as well as an Lw set and a Rusty Ford set. Check out Rustys new hit Crack Smoking Mayor
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Pros and Cons
July 30th, 2014
I was a small part of a project called Postcards From The County that was recorded by men incarcerated in The Pittsburgh Institution near Kingston Ontario, Canada. It is a beautiful project that Chris Brown put together and it includes music by Sarah Harmer, Open Hearts Society, Melwood Cutlerly and myself. Please check it out and download it HERE
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