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"Wright rips his heart out and throws this mass of emotions into his music while the Wrongs crush every stereotype..." - Vue Weekly, Montreal

Welcome to the home page for Luther Wright. This is the way into the world of Luther Wright & the Wrongs and Luther's solo and collaborative ventures.
He's your singing, songwriting, band leading, scheming, country punk, folk, smartassgrass troubadour based out of Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

Check Out Our Crowdsourcing Campaign to Fund My New Album
March 25th, 2015
Please have a look at My Indiegogo Campaign and help us get the new record out there! There are lots of ways to contribute and they all involve you getting a copy of the record plus more. Thank you for supporting us in our musical pursuits
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Marching forward into bliss
March 21st, 2015
My my it has been a while.  Things are actually moving along quite well with my long anticipated  album.  H Chris Brown and I have sequestered ourselves over on Wolfe Island for many weekends over the winter in his rustic studio, beavering away on the finer points.  Sheeham Crowe of Sheeham and Lotus lives over there as well so I press-ganged him into helping me with The Parking Lot Song. It is one of the oldest of the batch and we demoed it once upon a time in Winnipeg whilst on tour but I have probably played it at almost every gig and hootenanny since so it seems like a defining version is in order.  Sister Sarah Hamer came over for a big day of vocalizing and juiced up the project with her fabulous pipes.  Wrongs guitarist Dan Curtis has also stirred the pudding and wham bam Cam Giroux made another visit a few weeks ago to round out the last few tunes with his solid drumming and amicable vibe. Spring is slow in coming but we are hopeful.  Carolyn Mark and the Hootenanny Revue rides again this June with shows in Ontario and Quebec.  We have a stellar crew together for the shows including Jenny Whiteley, Dani Nash, Carolyn and her band, Tara Dunphy of the Rizdales,  yrs truly and there are rumours of a Rusty Ford appearance The tour dates I am doing are in the tour section here and for the full tour visit
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Bonne Année
January 5th, 2015
Happy new year to all!  We had a wonderful and successful  event on December 21 in Kingston  that raised almost $8,000 for local charities.  The music was most excellent and everyone attending was smiling throughout. Lederhosen Lucil wowed the crowd with her quirky, poppy beats and fun songs, not to mention her whacky outfit.   Our Weeping Tile set went smooth and was super bon fun to play. Deck the Halls with B&K played mucho hits and we had a special appearance by B-out for a rip - Rich. Captain Footbags started it out with a funk party then the Diaries wowed everyone  with their stunningly beautiful set. Ole Jay Harris and his band rocked it up a notch to accent twenty years of holiday rock in the hometown and Paul Langlois from the Tragically Hip joined B&K to belt a couple of classic crooner numbers including some Neal Diamond. Really, what a show!  So winter has now returned with a vengeance but it did not stop the crowds of kids from coming out to the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield yesterday for our Butterfingers and friends family show.  Facepainting, puppets, balloons and storytelling all mixed in with our snappy, colourful Butterfingers tunes. Brian Sanderson played the souzaphone, a tiny banjo and the fiddle and Ms Marbles sang and danced and told knock knock jokes with our 8 year old mc Anika. What fun.  Our next hootenanny is for mine, my brother and Ms Jenny Whiteley birthday at The Cove in Westport, Ontario on January 16.  It is a cute, rural town in the hills north of Kingston and the show will have lots of stars playing for sure.  Well folks, keep your toes warm and your windshield clear and support live music wherever  you go.
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