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"This inspired Canadian twang band filled a niche few of us knew needed filling: They recast THE WALL as a hillbilly song cycle. Sound ridiculous? They're dead serious, and darn good at it!" - San Francisco Chronicle
Eastern Canada—Summer 2001
Fall 2002
The Big 'ol U.S. of A... the fall 2002 tour!. Watch out, Dan mumbles in this one.
East Coast—Fall 2001 (part 2)
The sstunning conclusion to the fall east coast tour! Better bring a change of underpants.
East Coast—Fall 2001 (part 1)
The stirring tale of the band's adventures during the fall east coast tour! Action figures, dude! Action figures... and vipers!
Western Canada—Spring 2001
Western Canada in the spring, y'all... Speeding tickets, Han Solo, and one hell of a long paragraph...
Road Trip to Texas—March 2001
Road Trip to Texas, babies! A SXSW* diary. *South By Southwest (Music Industry Schmooze-Fest)
Jamaica—winter 2001
The band went to Jamaica to rehearse for the 'Rebuild The Wall' tour, hardworkin' lot that they are... Here's a diary from that trip.
Fall Tour 1999
Fall ’99—western Canada
Summer Tour 1999
Summer ’99—western Canada
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